ZAZU Sleeptrainers - Davy the Dog and Sam the Lamb

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Sometimes the buttons do not react when I press them. What is wrong?


Has the key lock has been activated? To unlock press the keylock-button, right, for 3 sec.
Key-lock is activated automatically after the buttons have not been touched for 1 minute. This to prevent the settings to accidentally be changed.

How can I close Sam or Davy’s eyes?


In the menu you select a time that Sam/Davy will automatically close their eyes every day. If you want to close them earlier you can press the DOWN button for 3 second and the eyes will close.

How do I manually Open Sam or Davy's eyes?

Device needs to be unlocked. Hold the UP button for 3 seconds and the eyes will open.

Can I switch off the orange screen, half an hour before wake-up?

It is not possible to switch off or change the time it turns on. The time is fixed at 30 minutes. If your child is still sleeping, the orange light will not wake him/her up. But if he/she does wake up, they know straight away that it is not much longer by seeing the screen is orange.

Can I separate the wake-up time from the alarm time?

 Yes, when setting the naptime or wake-up time, you can separately set the alarm. So you can set the sound alarm at a later time than the opening of the eyes.

How can I stop my child from playing with buttons and changing the settings?

The clock will enter key lock mode automatically after 1 minute. To manually activate the key lock: press the key lock button for 3 seconds. After activating the sleeptimer/wake-up time the key-lock is activated straight away, so that the settings cannot be changed anymore.

Product does not work on batteries.

Please make sure you are using new alkaline batteries from a known brand. Change to a new set, to be sure the batteries are full. Some batteries might not have enough power to operate the eyes, like Zinc-carbon batteries.

Product is resetting by itself.


Most probably the batteries are causing the problem. Please make sure batteries are not nearly empty and do not use Zinc-Carbon batteries, they are for low consumption products only. Use new good brand alkaline batteries only. Using other batteries might cause the product to not work properly.

If the power is turned off , does the sleeptrainer remember its settings?

When the power shuts off, the sleep trainer will not remember its settings unless batteries are inserted. We therefore advise to insert the batteries as back up in case power shuts off.

For Assistance please see link below:

Manual – Davy

Manual – Sam

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