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My Shrunks inflatable looks deflated after initial use - is it losing air?

If your inflatable product looks a little deflated after some time, don‘t worry – it‘s not leaking air, the material is simply stretching naturally. The material will stretch the most when inflated for the first time. Please note that due to material expansion, you may need to add some air to maintain the desired firmness. After the first use, top it up daily and subsequently as required, to maintain its firmness. 

To get the best out of your Shrunks product, inflate a few hours prior to use, to allow the material to stretch naturally. Top it up to the desired firmness afterwards.


How do I check for leaks?

First of all, remove all sheets, bedding and pillows from your inflatable. Then fill the inflatable with as much air as you can, without running the risk of bursting the mattress. Our air mattresses are not designed for high pressure, so use a pump designed and approved for air mattresses, but NEVER use an air compressor.

Here are several effective methods for locating a leak in an inflatable:

  1. SOAPY WATER: Move it to a place where it can be flipped, turned and rotated freely. Visually inspect the inflatable. With the inflatable filled with air, even a pin hole can become visible. Add a little liquid dish soap to a spray bottle of warm water and begin spraying the inflatable, one section at a time. The leak will reveal itself with soap bubbles. This is by far the easiest and best way to find an air leak. Wiping the inflatable with a wet soapy rag can work as well.
  2. SUBMERGE IN WATER: If possible, put the inflatable into a pool with water (a bathtub will also do the job) to submerge parts of the mattress or the whole mattress until you see bubbles rising from the inflatable.
  3. BARE HANDS: Move the palm of your hand slowly along the surface of the inflatable. Often, you may feel the escaping air “brush” against your skin.
  4. LISTEN CAREFULLY: Move your head along the surface with your ear near the mattress. You may hear escaping air, and the ear is especially sensitive to feeling the “draft” from the leak.
  5. CHECK SEAMS: Pay close attention to all seams. Vinyl air mattresses will usually have seams at the top and bottom edges, and running along the length forming valleys. These are common places for weak points to occur which can develop into leaks.
  6. GARDEN HOSE: Move the inflatable to an outdoor table. If the table has a wooden surface, cover it with a blanket and/or newspapers first. Turn on your garden hose, and begin to “flood” the surface of the inflatable with a small stream of water. Look carefully for bubbles as the water runs along the mattress surface. Move slowly – a tiny leak may only make a bubble every few seconds. Check the air filler nozzle or valve in the same way, and be sure it is tightly secured.



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